Music Press Program

Jungle Indie Rock

Jungle Indie Rock is an independent music blog specialized in new, emerging and under the radar bands. Founded in 2010, the blog reached 90,000 followers in January 2016, and it has given support to more than 12,000 international artists. Jungle Indie Rock is based in Spain+UK, and it has collaborators in the USA and Australia. 

Jungle Spain

Jungle Spain is the Spanish music blog of Jungle Indie Rock. Edited in Spanish, the blog features the music from Spain and Latin America, covering 15 countries for an audience of 22,000 followers. The blog is slowly introducing Spanish artists to the English-speaking international market, by interchanging publications with Jungle Indie Rock.

Indiepedia (coming soon)

Indiepedia aims to help Spanish music journalists and bloggers in the use and translation from English of musical terms, validating those terms by different specialists. The glossary will come with a series of specific articles explaining every entry with recommendations of their correct use. Indipedia will include common words related to music as streaming, podcast, lyric videos, or tracklist.

Music Program

Jungle Bands

Jungle Bands is the music project for the support of unsigned bands and solo artists. Starting in 2010, this project has mentored and sponsored 35 bands at different steps of their music careers, attending specific problems for a happy success. Bands and artists such as Deep Sea Arcade (Australia), Radical Dads (USA), Christine Owman (Sweden), or Neuman (Spain) are some examples of the participant artists of this project.

The Jungle Session

Live sessions supporting new and emerging artists via acoustic recordings performed in studio. The Jungle Session focus on the audio quality that is given by recording in studio, drawing a charming sound from very special musicians, by an uncut record that respects the freshness of the voice and the acoustic instruments. Francisca Valenzuela, and Virginia Maestro, have past already by the studio for our firsts sessions.

Jungle Submissions ...we listen

Committed to new artists, Jungle Submissions receives more than 400 works per month that are listened one by one without exception, covering 15 genres of music.  Selected artists are reviewed in individual articles and .later included in a monthly playlist. The Jungle Project staff gives technical advice to any of these artists to improve their music careers.

Adopt-a-Band (coming soon)

Open for a well-known band, remix a work, make a cover, are some of the strategies that bands use to promote themselves and catch the attention of labels, managers, and promoters. Even nowadays that internet is offering all the tools for self-releases and self-promotion, it is still difficult to get a place in the music market. This project wants to involve established artists and their fans to support new artists.

Design & Illustration Program

The Indie Gallery (coming soon)

Album cover arts, gig posters, and flyers, are just some examples of the crucial role of the image in the music industry. The Indie Gallery is a digital art gallery for the support of music illustrators, highlighting their work over the music. For musicians, The Indie Gallery is a meeting point to know illustrators and request their services for their music projects.

Music Video Program

Kaluhara (coming soon)

From The Jungle Project and Jungle Indie Rock, we want to use the power of music to tell the story of Kaluhara, a borneo orangutan tortured and killed for frequent palm oil crops. Our goal is to combine music and the environment to launch a song, a music video and an information campaign explaining how palm oil operations cause the loss of habitat of orangutans, an animal in danger of extinction.

Jungle Clips (coming soon)

Music videos are essential for musicians, in the same way that musicians are indispensable for video makers. Jungle Films is an space to connect musicians and video makers, coordinating and promoting the work of video creators and the artists who need these videos. This project wants to combine new talents' work to catch the attention of established bands and film makers.

Signature Videos (coming soon)

Featuring the work of music video directors through a series of articles, written by video experts. From the view of video creators, Signatures Videos focus in the techniques, and it emphasizes the importance of video in the music industry. This project is specially sensitive to video credits, and the team that form part of a work that is some times not even mentioned.