The Jungle Project team is formed by a multidisciplinary group of people with extensive experience in different areas of music, image and communication:

  • Mar de Miguel Bonet (Spain). Co-founder. Project Manager.
  • John Russell (UK). Co-founder. CEO. Musical advisor, international
  • Bernardo Calvo (Spain). Collaborator. Music producer.
  • Molly Smith (USA). Collaborator. Editor. Concerts and festivals.
  • David López (Spain). Collaborator. Editor. Musical advisor, Jungle Spain.
  • Jaime Garcimartín (Spain). Collaborator. Translator.
  • Luz Mari Juárez (Spain). Administration, accounting and finance. 

Collaborating Institutions


Other Institutions

The Jungle Project has received technical and legal advice from the Spanish Foundation "Gestión y Participación Social" of Madrid, the entrepreneurs program "Espacio de Iniciativas Empresariales" of the city of Alcala de Henares, and the Legal Department of "CIDAJ", City Council of Alcala de Henares, Madrid. Spain.